Biography ofIN-DEPTH yoga

Nathalie Emelianova is a Russian native and has been based in Asia since 2004 She began her yoga journey in 2005 after over ten years of sports science and personal training. Nathalie has traveled in Asia, United states and Europe to attend many Yoga workshops, Yoga conferences and personal development classes. She began her journey practicing astanga yoga enjoying the physical challenges this style brings, having worked for two years In Bhavana medical treatment centre working with clients to re-habilitate from all kind of addictions she found the Yin style of yoga, a more gentle approach to practice that suits those looking for wellness. More on both styles of yoga can be found here Astanga - Yin

Nathalie now provides daily classes, workshops and Yoga teacher training around the world. Her classes are both dynamic and relaxing integrating alignment, power, and breathing techniques with basic poses and creative sequencing, offering yoga styles from Astanga and Yin with her own creative twist.

Nathalie leads workshops and yoga teacher training around the world, focusing on the foundation of yoga, meditation and fearless living. Each of her classes is designed to energize the body, cultivate a meditative consciousness, and give greater vitality and health.

Nathalie was one of the first people in Phuket, Thailand her home base to take yoga from the mat to the air, bringing Antigravity Yoga to add some fun to daily yoga, offering classes and workshops for both adults and children.

As a mom of two wonderful kids she knows how difficult daily life as a mother can be and aims to help both men and women find peace in the chaos of family life. Nathalie offers a verity of Yoga specialties including the popular prenatal classes along with kids yoga and family yoga.

With three yoga and meditation retreats a year and bi monthly workshops their are many opportunities to join Nathalie and enjoy her teaching style at the same time getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. More about here workshops and retreats can be found on the site.