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Yoga for Athletes Teacher Training


As times are changing we are collectively becoming more aware and conscious of our bodies and minds. These days many athletes turning towards yoga as a way not only to enhance performance but also to create deeper conscious connections between the mind and body, relieve the effects of stress brought up in competitions and trauma as well as improve healing and prevent injuries. Without proper support in this endeavor, athletes may come across styles that do not allow them to experience any of the above-mentioned benefits, instructors who do not understand the athlete's body and mind state and become discouraged in their search.

The InDepth Yoga specialized Yoga for Athletes training is a program that was specifically designed over the course of many years by our founder, Nathalie Emelianova, who retired as a Muay Thai fighter to become a yoga teacher when she saw the incredible effects it can have. Using her personal experience and numerous connections in the sports sphere she combined everything into a 85 hour intensive mentorship-focused course that will teach you everything you need to know about working with athletes. You will look in-depth into the various anatomical and psychological variants for working with athletes of many different sports followed by real-life application, teaching methodology, and sequencing for specific sports.

Who is this course for

Who is this training for

The course is crafted perfectly for any of the following professionals: coaches, professional athletes, yoga instructors, and other sports professionals, medical personal, sports psychologists, sports enthusiasts, and anyone who desires to learn more about the topic. Our groups are kept to a maximum of 5 people in order to personalize the training to the specific needs of our students and increase their personal and professional development, this also allows us to have an adaptive schedule that works around the intense training regimes of professional athletes and work schedules of coaches, trainers and so on.

What you will gain from the course:
More about the course
Program Curriculum:
  • An InDepth Yoga certificate (in coordination with international yoga alliance standards of education).

  • 200+ page training manual that contains essential information, poses, techniques, advice and so much more.

  • Daily yoga practice.

  • Sport-specific examples using sports like basketball, boxing, football, and running.

  • Real athlete cases are discussed case by case with approaches, techniques, and exercises.

  • Working with injuries, how to prevent them and what can we do to help.

  • Discussion about fascia and myofascial release practices and techniques.

  • Mindfulness and Concentration practices and techniques to implement in your practice and classes.

  • Sports Psychology, using pranayama, meditation, and mindfulness techniques to improve focus and concentration, reduce stress, and enhance mental stability.

  • Easy and effective modifications of positions, using props.

  • Sequencing for specific sports and injuries.

The Yoga for Athletes course is a unique, specialized and expertly taught training that focuses on the common problems athletes face, common injuries, and the process of both reducing their impact and attempting to prevent them altogether, the specific problem areas of athletes depending on sport and level of training and how the practice of yoga can improve their performance, overall wellbeing, calm the mind and begin internal growth. It combines the study of sport psychology with holistic methods of mindfulness and meditation to create effective ways of dealing with anxiety, stress, and self-doubt to create a better, stronger, more confident athlete.


We will be looking at the most common athletic injuries and ways to approach them in our yoga classes. We will decide how to apply yoga for different phases of athletic training, different sports and how to adapt that training during the off-season. We will also go over different sports like football and running, boxing and jiu-jitsu and learn the connection between it and the positions which would generate the best effect, for dealing with injuries, injury prevention, performance enhancement, and the overall improvement of mental health.


At the end of the course, the students teach a class based on a given case and complete a theoretical exam which will grant them a certificate granting them the ability to teach Yoga for Athletes anywhere in the world in coordination with the Yoga Alliance standards of education.

(Case-specific. Contact us to learn more!)

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Your Instructors 

Nathalie is a professional trainer with a Masters's in sport medicine and over the course of her life she has never stopped studying, she is educated in sports conditioning, nutrition, and physiology. Before she would decide to dedicate the next 20 years of her life to yoga teaching and her yoga school, Nathalie was a professional sports instructor and Muay Thai fighter. A couple of years after moving to Phuket, Thailand to compete her coach introduced her to meditation to help her calm her stress before each fight. The experience was life-changing. Over the last couple of years, she has been personally working with MMA athletes in Phuket. Now Nathalie is the founder of InDepth Yoga Academy, a sports psychologist, teacher trainer in more styles than she can name, and happily doing what she has always called her calling - teaching.

Ana is a 500hr Yoga Teacher and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue belt and competitor. Her Yoga Nidra sessions often produce a few tears for which she only pretends to be sorry about. She's the writer, manager, and handywoman for InDepth Yoga. Ana has been doing yoga since she was 15, albeit reluctantly at first but has since fallen deeply in love with it. Her favorite areas to teach are philosophy, history, and yoga nidra.

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Your Instructors



Testimonials: Yoga for Athletes

Testimonials: Yoga for Athletes
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85hr Yoga for Athletes Teacher Training

5 - 12 February 

4 - 11 March

8 - 15 April 

Tuition: $1,199
Tuition + accommodation: $1,500
Tuition + premium accommodation: $1,800

$400 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot.
The remaining amount is due on the first day of classes.

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Contact us for more information or to reserve your spot. We are here to support you every step of the way.

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