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Nathalie is the founder and lead instructor of InDepth Yoga Academy, she is a former athlete and professional coach with 20 years experience in strength and conditioning, as well as nutrition and rehabilitation. She now works as a full-time yoga teacher trainer and travels around the world proving YTTc programmes, workshops, and retreats.


She loves traveling, dancing and music and recently came back into martial arts as she began competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 


Ana is the content manager for InDepth Yoga Academy; she schedules, plans and creates a multitude of different content segments including videos, photos, and articles for the school. Ana grew up in Thailand on the small island of Phuket where she escaped to from a busy, industrial city of Saint Petersburg in Russia. Long before she even finished her higher education she became fascinated by the world of yoga and completed her first Yoga Teacher Training at the age of 18. Now, she continues to live in Thailand working as a yoga teacher focusing on meditative practices, Yoga Nidra, as well as, yoga photography, which she has become known for. She writes about yoga, mental health, and self-improvement. Her free time she spends at home with her cat Sunny and a good book.       

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