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Yoga Nidra
Teacher Training

Introduction to the magic:

We welcome you to this unique retreat experience with an open invitation to discover the power hidden within your fingertips, the goddess inside you, the warrior. We aim to inspire change, confidence, stillness, and power in every woman.

We do so by delving into incredible transformative holistic practices like tailored yoga classes and soothing meditations as well as self-developmental and combative exercises to discover your inner warrior and build self-confidence. Expect nourishing food, artistic expression through arts, crafts, and mindful creativity, a unique view of the rejuvenating mountains of Mexico and so much more. 

This retreat also includes inspiring workshops on Cooking, Ayurveda, Art, Dance, and the Chakras to cultivate and inspire awareness, your own emotional healing, intellectual mindfulness, and confidence from within. 

What makes us special is that we are not just another spiritual yoga retreat. The InDepth Yoga school is a family-owned yoga school, Nathalie Emelianova was a professional muay Thai fighter and once retired from the sport moved to yoga and self-defense programs. Anastasia Emelianova is an international Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor and has been doing yoga since she was 14 years old. This mother-daughter duo went through a lot of ups and downs together which made them realize not only the importance of being able to defend oneself but also the need for a strong female community in the present times. Which is how the Warrior Women Retreat came about. 

Throughout the retreat you will be able to rediscover yourself in a new light, using yoga and ancient practices of meditation and mindfulness we will set upon a journey of clarity and rejuvenation. Then you will be encouraged to join self-defense classes which will not only allow you to better defend yourself and know the basics of it but also go such a long way in improving your confidence, the feel of your own body and the realization of your infinite strength. 


  • Become so much more relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed

  • Discover your mental and physical strength, stature and confidence

  • A unique chance to get away from the city, work, and responsibilities and breathe in fresh air

  • Drop out of “normal life” for some time

  • Find a community of strong women like you to support and excite you

  • The ideal place to unwind and relax

  • Detox the body and the mind

  • Learn the basics of self-defense

  • Tone the body and regain strength 

  • Rediscover who you really are


Heal yourself, gain confidence, discover your inner power and find calmness and tranquility. 

This retreat experience is carefully designed to bring you the most long-lasting and pleasurable experience. 

Balance is key to all which is why our unique retreat experience allows you to do it all, protect yourself and remain feminine, assert yourself and yet become more spiritual than ever. 

With the help of ancient spiritual practices, yoga, fitness, and healthy food we will bring your mind into balance and your body into health. 

You are incredibly empowered.

Allow yourself to release the inner warrior, the goddess within you. 

Learn to find your strength with a week of self-defense, yoga, and rejuvenation in the cleansing mountains of Mexico. 

Sustain yourself in Truth._Liberate your

What to expect:


Daily Yoga Classes: On this retreat, we will practice a combination of yoga styles, in the mornings the instructor will push you and help you to drastically improve your flexibility, balance, and awareness of your body through Hatha Vinyasa. By the end of the retreat, you will feel like the progress you made would have accounted to months of normal daily classes. 

In the evenings we might delve into more rejuvenating, slow practices with special attention to problem areas, meditation, calmness, and self-discovery.

Spiritual Activities: We will encourage everyone to participate in mantra chanting, sound and crystal healing, mandala drawing and ect. These ancient practices have been proven to affect the body and mind in incredibly positive ways. They will allow us to quickly build a close community between all participants and drastically improve the mood and health of everyone involved. There is no doubt in our heads that each participant will be absolutely in love with not only the effects these practices have but the process of drawing, making, chanting and listening. 

Self-Defence Workshops: Every day of the retreat a couple of hours will be dedicated to the empowering and vital practices and theories of self-defense. In these classes, we will cover simple and effective physical techniques for self-defense, skills for traveling solo with confidence, most effective ways of disarming and retreating, easy and effective communication, boundaries and etc. 

Cooking Classes: Todays standards of what is expected often tell us that a woman can either be strong and independent or feminine and motherly. Such expectations are completely incorrect and will be ignored. This is why our retreat will hold numerous cooking classes where our inhouse dietician will go over the best nourishing foods and meals, easy preparation and the basics of cooking in a way that is fun, easy and most importantly sustainable in the long term.


Other workshops: Throughout the retreat, the lovely ladies will also get a chance to participate in many other workshops and classes such as yoga Nidra, aerial dance, arts and crafts, aroma oil therapy, functional yoga training, hiking and aqua exercises. 

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In this 6-day retreat you will:

  • Build strength and confidence.

  • Discover realistic skills and tools for living an empowered life.

  • Build strong relationships and learn from other powerful women.

  • Explore the culture and cuisine of Mexico in a gorgeous villa in the mountains. 

  • Explore the surroundings in multiple excursions off-site.

  • Experience daily yoga classes and invaluable self-defense training.

  • Set intentions, receive advice for your personal growth and conjure up a plan to make them a reality.

  • Replenish your body and mind with healthy food and nature.

About the location:

The Mexico estate is a beautiful, spacious villa located in the heart of Malinalco Estado de Mexico equipped with multiple gorgeous bedrooms overlooking the mountains around. It is the ideal getaway, far enough from civilization to experience the calming sounds and smells of nature and yet close enough to experience the rich culture and incredible sights. 

Lounge by the pool, practice yoga in the gorgeous garden, eat nourishing vegan food straight from the stove. This beautiful home is your chance to slow down, learn more about yourself and others and rediscover your inner goddess. 

Private and shared bedrooms are available depending on your own personal needs and comfort. 

Included in the package: 

  • Self-defense workshops daily

  • Yoga classes lead by an instructor with over 20 years of experience in yoga and martial arts

  • Vegan cooking workshops

  • Arts and crafts workshop

  • Healing crystal therapy 

  • Yoga Nidra relaxation

  • Aerial yoga class

  • 3 delicious, farm-fresh meals each day.

  • Local coffee, medicinal teas, available all-day

  • Guided meditations and sound bowl therapy 

  • Expert guidance from trained instructors and facilitators.

  • Use of The Mexico Estate facilities, including spacious pool, lounge areas, kitchen, meditation space, garden, and all surrounding nature/mountains.

  • Opening and closing ceremonies.

  • Group led activities and discussions.

  • Locally crafted welcome gift

  • All local tourism taxes and service fees.


Full experience pricing starting at $999 for a shared bunkroom up to $1,200 for a single-occupancy bedroom.​

             Early Bird Savings: Book by April 1st for an additional 10% off

To register or for questions, please contact Nathalie at or via whatsapp at +6870665236 or Ana at or via whatsapp at +66856562786

Make a $500 deposit to secure your space and start packing!  Balance is due 30 days before the retreat.

Deposits can be made via PayPal or bank transfer.

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