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Funny Travel Stories

I personally love traveling, I’ve been doing it for many many years and there is nothing I love more than experiencing different places and cultures, as well as learning something from each trip. I gather so much knowledge, individuality and enlightenment from every country I travel to, in addition to which I am always left with at least a few hilarious incidents that make me smile every time I think about it.

From endless walking in Vietnam with which my kids say I traumatized them. And my latest trip to India where I wanted to take pictures wearing Indian clothes, and I must say I bow my head to all the Indian women around the world that have spend generations walking and even working in the saree. Because after having wrapped it round myself in my hotel room, which was relatively high up in the mountain by the way, I had to awkwardly penguin walk all the way down. I’m an athlete! I am used to making giant athlete steps! What’s even better is that after a while, and we had to walk for quite a bit, it started unwrapping somehow. So now, picture me making awkward penguin steps, trying to hold it all together, down a mountain! It was quite the sight. And the people were actually so nice; quite a few complimented me on the saree I was wearing. Which was awesome regardless of the fact it was only staying together through sheer will power. Then as my luck would have it I found a tiny alley between two houses and decided to stand there while I try to fix this mess I’ve created.

Lucky I am not! Just as I was going there will full determination my eyes connected with a bull that has apparently owned the alley (obviously I was not aware this was his alley) and he made some very unhappy noises at me. Scared the life out of me, so I jump back only to find another cow came up behind me! The whole thing was such a sight that both me and @a.g._photography just had to stand there and laugh for a bit. People around us just thought we were really weird! :)

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