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6 New Moon Ritual Ideas: setting intentions and manifesting a brighter future.

The universe is bountiful and vast, it is bigger than we can ever even imagine and yet still, every single month of the year the universe gifts us a new beginning in the form of a new moon. In astrological terms, a new moon signifies the beginning of something making it the perfect time to consciously set intentions, and goals and manifest your best self.

Below we will outline the best practices to add to your own new moon ritual.


The new moon will always bring about an array of changes and it’s a powerful source to use when creating your own goals, however, all goals must come from a great deal of introspection which is where journaling comes in. Even if it’s only for a few moments we highly suggest starting with a stream of consciousness writing before any kind of concrete planning can take place to give you a better idea of what you want.

Setting goals and intentions

Now that you are confident in what you want and what you don’t – it’s time to lay it all out. Setting goals (something physical) or intentions (something personal) can help us stay on the path, achieve everything we want and find peace in what we have. The power of the new moon will help propel whatever goals you set to a new high.

Make a vision board

Find pictures that best represent the intentions and goals you’ve set. Really choose those that call to you as they will be the most powerful form of attraction.

Practice self-care

A new moon marks the start of a new month, and a night of primping and pampering can make all the difference in how you approach it. Whatever your typical self-care routine is, crank it up a few notches, and make sure to remember to do everything with awareness.


Setting goals and making plans is wonderful but it can’t be all we do. Take a moment to become suspended in time on this magical night and meditate in whatever way you like most.

Charge your crystals

The new moon’s cleansing energy can charge your crystals so don’t forget to leave them on your windowsill for the night!

Leave your new moon ritual ideas below! Prepare for the full moon with our 22 Full Moon Ritual Ideas.


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