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Yoga For Life

Most of our lives we are running, not literally of course. The modern world is very similar to a race. We live in a time where we have to run in order to keep up, things are moving so fast and between giant billboards and skyscrapers we loose ourselves. It’s partly our own fault; we don’t take the time to balance out our lives. We never take a moment to sit down, to listen to our self’s. You would be incredibly surprised at what your own body has to say if only you listen to it.

Butterfly Pose

The only question that still remains is how do you find the balance? Sometimes it’s very hard to slow down, but you must try it. Everyone can make time in their schedule to give their mind and body the rest they deserve. This is your opportunity to give yourself time to reflect and care about yourself. In our retreats or daily classes we will practice to love yourself, to listen yourself, cultivating the patience, aware of your sensations, and find the ability to go beyond of suffering as physical, as mental and find the mindfulness in every aspect of your movements. Too many people think of the term yoga as simple stretching techniques from somewhere in India, but there are many different forms of yoga. Some might say that yoga isn’t for everyone, that they need to be flexible or have some other weird factor that has to contribute to a person’s eligibility to do yoga. In my opinion everyone, in this modern day needs a way to counteract the weight put on him or her and yin yoga is the best for that. Power of yin is time, during the practice we must cultivate kindness, tolerance, gratitude, and contentment equally as strong, flexible joints and healthy organs. This yoga relaxes our mind and body, allowing us to breath normally and let the energy circulate inside.

Have you ever felt so light that you floated through your day? This is achieved greatly by this yin practice, this yoga involves holding a pose for sometime, when the pose is uncomfortable and you can feel your self being stretched you may want to just move but instead you lie there for 5 minutes.

Surprisingly enough your mind is most relaxed in those hard positions, the mindful way helps you stop the bombardment of negative thoughts and emotions. You feel the lightness of your body after, you find your self aware of every aspect of your being. When practice has finished and you experience your body in a whole new light, as if someone has taken every tense part of you and relaxed it completely.

Dragonfly on the wall pose

In my retreats, specially designed, for anyone who wants to find the balance between body and mind, who wants rejuvenate and recharge yourself with gentle yoga practice, so our mind and body are training in aspects that no other exercise teaches us, we are thought how to endure distraction and remain calm. Both physically and mentally we calm our self’s, not worrying so much about the world outside our own bodies. It is a gift we all possess, the ability to silent our mind at our wish but rarely do people seek out to find it, how easy it is to run the race if you have control of your mind. Easy because even if the race is filled with distractions, material things we all wish to possess, if one can calm their mind and avoid distraction they do not have to endure the stress of finance, the agony of disappointment.

Half-saddle pose

Yoga poses in yin are not made to grow large muscle. Yin yoga is training the mind and body to perceive calmness in yoga and everyday life; we can control our urges and truly listen to ourselves. The knots that are tied around us by own material lives can be untied and we float through days not being tied down to the ground. That is why Yin yoga is for everyone, as we all live in this present day world and experience the live we do, it is important we all take a step back to balance out the running with the stretching. It is a method to achieve physical, emotional and mental well being. We will start each our beautiful valuable day with meditation and yoga, having amazing vegetarian food, doing interesting and useful in life workshops, we will look on yoga as therapy in life, and we will have plenty of one-on-one time for personal discussions or asking questions about anything you may find confusing or worrying. Of course you will have your own private time to reflect, rest and enjoy the many other activities in this amazing facilities surround by lovely people. I am looking forward to share the practice, love and light with you and see you on the mat very soon.

Truly yours, Nathalie Emelianova.


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