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5 Reasons Why Partner Yoga is Great for your Relationship!

At its very core partner yoga is designed more so for the physical and psychological connection between you and another person. The focus on stretching is less inclined as poses are made to be more about cultivating energy between you and your partner.

In today's age especially couples place so much more effort into gifts and grand gestures and absolutely none into actually connecting. Here are the reasons why partner yoga is better for your relationship than any expensive dinner.

1.) Bring a new level of Intimacy into Your Relationship

Imagine being completely in tune with your partner, so much so you can regulate your breathing to match theirs. That kind of connection is so rarely found in our everyday life when there are so many distractions. Taking the kids to school, cooking dinner, work, friends it all overtakes and we forget the very necessities. Over time we lose the link that holds two people together. Practicing Partner yoga will allow you to not only cultivate intimacy due to constant touch but also experience self-awareness. You and your partner will experience a whole other level of intimacy post and during practice as you come together to become one.

2.) Build Trust

Partner yoga includes a series of poses in which you and your partner have to be in complete harmony with each other, you must trust your partner as much as they must trust you. You have to trust your partner not to drop you and they, well, they can just hope you don’t drop on their face. The two bodies must work in union with each other and one can only do that when putting complete faith into their partner.

3.) Introducing a new found Sense Of Balance

Too often the unbalances in our relationships go unnoticed, these unbalance cultivate inside of both partners until eventually, they tear us apart. Partner yoga, through trust, movement and breath allow us to balance out the negative energy building inside with a much more positive one. Creating that balance will help you further in your relationship as you may hit many bumps along the road, but the negative will not outweigh.

4.) Experience the sensations of Touch

Touch holds great power. Have you ever physically craved the touch of your partner? Ever noticed how you feel better sometimes just because of their touch? Partner yoga is centered around you and your partner's touch, it heightens your awareness of each other. When you both come together in order to do a pose, your touch and hold on your partner is what allows you to hold the position. You become more aware of each others presence both physical and spiritual and this brings you closer together than ever before.

5.) Keep things interesting and fun

At the end of the day, after you’ve gone through every other date idea. I know that feeling of being stuck, not quite knowing what to do together. Partner yoga is an interesting and completely new experience that will leave a pleasant impression on both of you. It helps keep things fun, taking you back to that light, easy atmosphere you once had. It's lots of touching and laughing and playing, it takes you back to an easier time renewing the connection you had.

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