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Benefits of Aerial Yoga. Let's Fly!

Yoga as we know it is changing, evolving everyday. Its essence is carried out mixing with other practices leaving something new, unique and unmistakably innovative in its path. One of these recent developments is Aerial Yoga, a practice that only made its way into the mainstream a few years ago and since then gained quickly gained impressive popularity.

The practice combines yoga, acrobatics and inversion asanas while being accessible to anyone, helping them find balance, alignment and aid them in their own yoga practice. The poses, done off ground in an levitating motion with the help of the hammock are very cirque du soleil and therefore both unique and exciting. You are suspended off the ground performing poses in the air, stretching using motion and stillness all while looking like a beautiful flying angel. It offers a moderate workout and stretches and calms you. Not surprising the practice became popular fast.

So why should you try Aerial Yoga Immediately?


Neither shoes not previous skills are required for you to jump into a hummock right now with the proper instructor and learn how to fly. Your first time might be a little strange for you being suspended off the ground and it can bring surprising pleasant sensations, it helps you find your balance by throwing you off the one you had before and this can be intimidating at first but no actual acrobatic or yoga skills are required for you to try this type of yoga.


Normal mat yoga poses become easier to master when also practicing aerial yoga due to its ability to stretch the muscles and ligaments carefully using the motion of the hammock or as I prefer to call it, “flight”, during flight you are unconsciously becoming more flexible all while becoming stronger. So when you hit the mat again you will feel a massive improvement.


By hanging up side down so to say, you lengthen and straighten your back which can generally be very beneficial for anyone who has experiences back problems all while not placing too much strain on your back which can be a very negative effect when doing other practices.


You will feel a different sensation after aerial yoga than normal classes, by putting yourself in a differently challenging environment and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone by literally pushing your feet from the floor you not only place trust in yourself that you most likely didn’t know you had but also aid your focus. You will subconsciously begin using more of your brain by trying to be completely aware of yo

ur body, your mind and your surroundings. Those sensations bring a version of mindfulness that feels almost adrenaline infused, you are completely aware of what’s around you and inside you by the time you finish the class.


As mentioned before, this is still a physical practice that increases your muscles activity and increases your strength and stamina, which can be beneficial to everyone from normal working people to athletes like runners.


There is no way around this point and it might just be the most important of all, no matter how beneficial this practice is to your mind and body the fun and laughter the class will bring makes you feel elevated, walking on sunshine happy by the end. Even if you’re a little scared or not all the poses work out, the class is fun, new, exciting and that feeling is so contagious that the mood of the whole practice is too amazing to miss. You are twirling and flipping and having the time of your life all while trying something you haven’t done before. You are an acrobat for a day. And what could be better than that?

Aerial Yoga is a innovative idea and a fun beneficial practice that everyone should try at least once. There is no doubt that it will make you feel stronger and better overall and most importantly it will elevate your mood.

Take a chance, have some fun and learn to fly.

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